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Dispenser JB 1113N
469.8 € /
Standard price: 522 €
Code: JB 1113N
QUICK 3202, 90W, ESD
188.1 € /pc
Standard price: 209 €
Code: QUICK3202
Rod SAC 305 solder LeadFREE
47.16 € /kg
Standard price: 52.4 €
Code: SAC 305
Humidity indicator 5-10-15%
11.34 € /pkg
Standard price: 12.6 €
Code: 020.063.0016
46.8 € /pcs
Standard price: 52 €
Code: 8500.522
ESD stands for SMD discs 23 rolls
13.5 € /pcs
Standard price: 15 €
Code: 024.204.9453
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        If you didn't find what you'd looked for, please visit our specialized web pages: - official website of Elpro Ltd. Košice offers basic information about the company,products and services - which are primarily production of electronics (assembling of PCB), development of devices that produce PCB and business activity. - offers the entire range of antistatic goods and components of ESD protection against the unwanted effects of elektrostatic charge. The range of products covers means of PPE mostly for the electronic industry, but it can be as well applied in printing industry,chemical industry or food processing and especially with the production of plastics and packaging operations. - the range of dispensing devices, pneumatic dispensers, dispensing valves, coordinate robots, accessories and disposable material - blunt dispensing needles, cartridges, tubes, roll back pistons, sealing rings, caps, nozzles, armatures, etc. - soldering tips for the soldering stations of leading world manufacturers, tinner baths and accessories for the soldering.

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